Donate a stone to build our church


Our conventual life is centred on the solemn celebration of the Divine Office and of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is its summit. Back in 1982, the first friars erected our humble chapel out of an old barn. Today, this chapel is too small to accommodate the families and the faithful who flock to attend our offices, and the sanctuary has become too small to welcome new vocations.


Expected results/outcomes

The church will bestow upon our convent the full dimensions of a mother-house, a house of formation and contemplation, a house radiating the Dominican life.

• A much larger nave to welcome twice as many faithful.
• A choir with 32 stalls to accommodate the friars and future vocations.
• A larger sanctuary for the celebration of the beautiful traditional Dominican liturgy.


Donate a stone to build our guest house - to offer a spiritual retreat from the world.

Many lay people, seminarians, and priests write or call us in order to spend a few days at our convent: to retreat from the bustle of the world, to unite themselves to  our life of prayer, to take advantage of the spiritual guidance provided by the Fathers of the convent, and to make use of our library for their theological research. Nevertheless, we are forced to refuse many requests for lack of a sufficiently large guest house.


Donate a stone to enclose our cloister - and bestow upon our conventual life its full dimension.

Today, the cloister is open on two sides, but the construction of a guest house on the one side, and of the church on the other, will allow our cloister to live up to its name and to serve its function. This enclosed space (claustrum), with its distribution of buildings at regular intervals, and its covered galleries connecting to the church, is an application of the principles of the Roman atrium to a monastery. It is a liturgical space for the living and for the dead. The cloister also serves as a place of prayer for the friars to meditate upon the mysteries of the Rosary or to do their lectio divina. The cloister garden with its paths meeting at the well in the center is a space open to Heaven in this fortified city, an image of the heavenly Jerusalem, the source of the new water flowing down and irrigating the world.


tO RAISE $370,000
by JUNe 2017


Total budget: $6,000,000